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The American manufacturing sector prides itself on the quality, reliability, safety, and novelty of its advanced manufactured goods. Tools that evaluate parts and processes without causing damage are a cornerstone for delivering these valuable attributes. Leading the way in developing and implementing more accurate, reliable, and effective non-destructive evaluation (NDE) tools is critical to U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

Emerging technologies and operational requirements are driving the need for the next generation of NDE. As composites emerge as ubiquitous structural and mechanical components in a range of manufactured goods, optimal evaluation requires leveraging new technologies. Likewise, as additive manufacturing takes an increasing role in manufacturing critical components, it becomes essential to overcome the unprecedented challenges of evaluating these complex geometries. For ceramics, improving the probability of detection is vital for finding defects on ever-shrinking length-scales. Improving the speed, accuracy, automation, and accessibility of NDE tools will enable these sectors while also benefiting the wide array of industries with established NDE tools and processes.

The challenges and emerging opportunities facing non-destructive evaluation cut across a spectrum of technologies and disciplines from materials science to electrical engineering to computer science. Coordination and strategic investments are needed to drive America’s scientific discoveries in next generation NDE towards technologies implemented in our factories and the creation of new economic opportunities. MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight will convene and gather the insights of NDE and manufacturing experts from industry, academia, government, and federal labs to define and prioritize cross-cutting challenges and explore opportunities for coordinated action from public and private stakeholders. The goal is to create actionable recommendations for enhancing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through NDE.

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