Manufacturing matters. It’s crucial for creating jobs, raising wages, improving medical care, solving environmental problems, maintaining defense readiness, and innovating for the future. That’s why people across the country and from all political persuasions believe in expanding U.S. manufacturing.

America has what it takes to succeed in manufacturing: from unrivaled universities to extraordinary natural resources to a proud history of building great products.

But winning back our manufacturing edge will require an all-too-rare ingredient: foresight. We need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation, investment, public policy, and training.

MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight brings together the brightest thinkers from universities, companies, and government agencies to think about the future of manufacturing.

MForesight wants to see informed R&D investments that enhance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

MForesight is a think-and-do tank focusing on the next generation technologies that will strengthen U.S. manufacturing. MForesight provides crucial ideas and insights to business and government decision-makers on emerging technology trends and opportunities for public-private investments in advanced manufacturing. MForesight also seeks to promote technology innovation to bridge the gap between basic science and manufacturers.

MForesight’s mission is to enable the U.S. manufacturing community with a framework to provide coordinated input on R&D opportunities aligned with national priorities.

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Who We Serve

From federal agencies and university scholars to local small businesses and summer camps for tech-focused students, our objective is to provide long-term ideas and analysis to America’s diverse manufacturing community. MForesight serves a variety of stakeholders:

  • Government Agencies: MForesight helps policymakers make sense of questions about the future of technology and manufacturing, providing custom-tailored research products that crystallize expert consensus and explain manufacturers’ needs.
  • Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMMs): MForesight identifies and disseminates leading-edge ideas on technology implementation, workforce training, and other key topics, while providing SMMs with a platform for sharing their needs and perspectives.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): MForesight critically examines long-term technology trends to shine light on the future of regulation and policy as well as to support effective research investments and public-private partnerships.
  • Academic Researchers: MForesight provides deep dive studies on technology and R&D topics to inform research and connects scholars across disciplines through workshops and a range of events.

What We Do

MForesight first seeks to discover a pool of emerging technologies and challenges facing the manufacturing community. The organization then prioritizes emerging technologies based on a well-defined process and evaluation criteria. Next, MForesight identifies and convenes experts from the broader manufacturing community to develop potential solutions and actionable recommendations to accelerate technology innovation and adoption. Depending on the nature and scope of the topic, the recommendations are presented as formal reports, white papers, or policy briefs for distribution during the disseminate phase—all with a focus on reaching influential decision makers across sectors.

As the only national consortium working to forecast advanced manufacturing technologies, MForesight is establishing itself as the organization that convenes and harnesses the collective wisdom of diverse stakeholders across the broad manufacturing community. The long-term impact of MForesight will be realized over time as better-informed decision-making on emerging technologies leads to manufacturing of new advanced products in the United States, and ultimately, more high-value jobs, strengthened national security, and increased domestic wealth. However, the true essence of MForesight’s long-term value proposition lies in the creation of an advanced manufacturing community that builds consensus and communicates R&D priorities to decision makers, while influencing, supporting, and strengthening each other toward advancing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.


Upon recommendation by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (“Report to the President: Accelerating U.S. Advanced Manufacturing” PDF) the National Science Foundation and National Institute for Standards and Technology issued an open solicitation in May 2015 to establish a national consortium to provide coordinated private‐sector input on national advanced manufacturing technology research and development priorities.

MForesight was established in October 2015 as the result of that solicitation.

Image of PCASTPCAST members and OSTP staff with the President and the Vice President.

Today, MForesight is an independent entity that’s part of the rich network of manufacturing programs inside and outside government. MForesight’s analysis of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, augments the work of not only university programs and industry associations but also federal initiatives like the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.