The United States has the assets needed for success in manufacturing—from world-class universities and national laboratories to leading firms and entrepreneurs. Still, the success of the manufacturing sector depends on often-elusive ingredients: long-term thinking and coordination. To ensure that American scientific discoveries and engineering inventions result in the creation of new economic opportunity, it is essential to convene the country’s diverse stakeholders in manufacturing to generate and share coordinated input on America’s manufacturing research and development (R&D) priorities.

As a convener and facilitator, MForesight forges new connections across the manufacturing community to align R&D priorities with manufacturing challenges and opportunities across the sector. MForesight works to crystallize the forward-looking recommendations of technical experts and practitioners and to present them in a clear and compelling way to key decision makers. The overarching objective is to give voice to the advanced manufacturing community in the public and private decision-making processes that will determine the future of U.S. manufacturing.

MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight is a federally-funded consortium focused on enhancing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by providing insights to decision makers on emerging technology trends and related priorities to inform policy and investments in advanced manufacturing.

As the only national consortium convening experts to forecast and develop recommendations for advanced manufacturing technologies, MForesight’s value proposition lies in the creation of a cohesive and coordinated community that influences, supports, and strengthens each other toward advancing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. MForesight’s long-term impact will arise from better-informed decision-making on emerging technologies leading to manufacturing of new advanced products in the United States, and ultimately, more high-value jobs, strengthened national security, and increased domestic wealth.

Photo of experts discussing metamaterials manufacturing at round tables

MForesight enables the U.S. manufacturing community with a framework to provide coordinated input on R&D and manufacturing related opportunities.The framework is built on four phases of engagement with public and private stakeholders— discover, prioritize, develop, and disseminate.

  • Discover emerging technologies and challenges facing the manufacturing community.
  • Prioritize topics of study based on need, potential, and competitive advantage.
  • Develop recommendations to accelerate technology innovation and adoption.
  • Disseminate findings to stakeholders in the private sector, academia, and federal S&T agencies that are in positions to take action.

Who We Serve

From federal agencies and university scholars to local small businesses and summer camps for tech-focused students, our objective is to provide long-term ideas and analysis to America’s diverse manufacturing community. MForesight serves a variety of stakeholders:

  • Government Agencies: MForesight helps policymakers make sense of questions about the future of technology and manufacturing, providing custom-tailored research products that crystallize expert consensus and explain manufacturers’ needs.
  • Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMMs): MForesight identifies and disseminates leading-edge ideas on technology implementation, workforce training, and other key topics, while providing SMMs with a platform for sharing their needs and perspectives.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): MForesight critically examines long-term technology trends to shine light on the future of regulation and policy as well as to support effective research investments and public-private partnerships.
  • Academic Researchers: MForesight provides deep dive studies on technology and R&D topics to inform research and connects scholars across disciplines through workshops and a range of events.

U.S. Representative Tom Reed (R-NY 23rd District)

Christie Wong Barrett, CEO of Mac Arthur Corp.

Jim Davis, Vice Provost for Information Technology & Chief Academic Technology Officer, UCLA


Upon recommendation by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (“Report to the President: Accelerating U.S. Advanced Manufacturing” PDF) the National Science Foundation and National Institute for Standards and Technology issued an open solicitation in May 2015 to establish a national consortium to provide coordinated private‐sector input on national advanced manufacturing technology research and development priorities.

MForesight was established in October 2015 as the result of that solicitation.

Today, MForesight is an independent entity that’s part of the rich network of manufacturing programs inside and outside government. MForesight’s analysis of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, augments the work of not only university programs and industry associations but also federal initiatives like Manufacturing USA and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.