MForesight is seeking Gamechangers: emerging technologies in basic and translational research that enable new products and/or new manufacturing processes.

We are especially interested in highly innovative and disruptive technology for advanced manufacturing.

A key goal of MForesight is to help share, disseminate, and facilitate action on these ideas, so we want to hear your Gamechanger.

If your Gamechanger is selected, we will work with you to:

  • Present your Gamechanger to industry partners and funding agencies.
  • Invite you to present your Gamechanger as a guest speaker at a conference.
  • Publish your Gamechanger as an extended blog post or as an op-ed.
  • Publicize the impact your Gamechanger has on US manufacturing competitiveness.
  • Potentially provide you with funding and support to co-lead a workshop with experts.

MForesight makes no claim on any intellectual property provided in a Gamechanger.

Here’s how to share your Gamechanger idea.

  • Describe your technology.
  • How is your technology disruptive in light of existing technology?
  • What steps are needed to develop the technology?
  • What are the key barriers to scale manufacturing of the technology in the U.S?
  • What are the industries, applications, products, and/or processes that will be enabled or improved by your Gamechanger?
Submit your Gamechanger

*Please note that our organization does NOT work in the area of product launch or marketing, and we will not respond to any requests of this nature.