Two working groups have been formed to help with specific aspects of MForesight’s work. These working groups are one way that we bring together people from different parts of the manufacturing community to provide insights and develop informational documents. The working groups are:

  1. Education & Workforce Development
  2. Emerging Technologies

Education and Workforce Development

The Education and Workforce Development working group will identify workforce needs and best practices in education and workforce development at all levels. This group will gather data from employers, professional associations and trade organizations about their workplace needs; identify best practices that are worthy of replication/scaling including hands-on design/build/test programs in K-12, field trips, apprenticeships, internships, partnerships between industry and community colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs in advanced manufacturing. The working group’s report is available to download and read.

  • Emily Stover DeRocco (Chair) – Director, Workforce Development – Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT Manufacturing Innovation Institute); Director, National Network of Business & Industry Associations
  • Jan Bray – Bray Strategies
  • Maria Kniesler Flynn – Senior Vice President, Jobs for the Future (JFF)
  • Timothy V. Franklin – Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, New Jersey Innovation Institute
  • Jennifer Hagan-Dier – Director, Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership
  • J. Craig McAtee – Executive Director, National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC)
  • Ryan Miller – Acting Director, Center for Manufacturing Excellence, University of Mississippi
  • Eileen Pickett – EPickett Consulting
  • Joel Simon – Senior Vice President, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)
  • Jim Woodell – Vice President, Innovation and Technology Policy, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)

Emerging Technologies

The Emerging Technologies working group is responsible for prioritizing gamechanger ideas for further investigation. The group consists of members from the Leadership Council and includes both academic and industrial representatives. Per the group’s recommendations, the selected technology topic(s) will be studied and developed further through a workshop.

  • Dave Parrillo – Dow Chemical
  • Christine Furstoss – GE
  • Kurt Bettenhausen – Siemens
  • Jeffrey Wilcox – Lockheed Martin
  • Donald Bretl – P&G
  • Daniel Walczyk – RPI