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Repellency of different liquids on polyester fabric
Chemical vapor deposition of waterproof coatings on natural fibers
Mind-Reading Quality Control Picture
Mind-Reading Quality Control
Diagram of self-healing polymer
Self-healing polymers moving forward
Multiple CFRP/Ti layers welded together ultrasonically
Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ultrasonic Bonding
Biogas in Erlenmeyer flasks
Turning Food Processing Waste into Useful Biogas
3D Printing via Joule Heating
Fast, Low Cost, High Density Metal 3D Printing using Joule Heating
Chip-Pulling Diagram
Chip-Pulling for Reduced Cutting Energy and Tool Force
Stereolithography diagram
Improving Stereolithography Separation using Vibrations
Optical images of samples
Towards Low-cost Diamond Electronics
Photo of a drill bit
Real-time Drill Bit Health Monitoring
Photo of a piece of toast with an owl image burned into it
“Writing” Graphene on Organic Materials
Photo of additive-subtractive machine
Six-axis Additive-subtractive Manufacturing
Diagram of nanostructure fabrication
Scalable Three-Dimensional Nanostructure Fabrication
Diagram of intellectual property theft via acoustics
Intellectual Property Theft Using Acoustics of Additive Manufacturing
Diagram of wireless sensor application
Wireless Force Sensors Improve Robotic Milling Accuracy
Chart of film sensors
Thermochromic Polymers for Early Detection of Thermal Damage in Composites
Photo of solar cells at sunset
New Solar Cell Material for Mass Adoption
Graphene roll
Continuous Manufacturing of High Quality Graphene
Photo of 3D-printed ceramics
3D-Painting: Multi-Material Ceramic Additive Manufacturing
Photo of circuit printed onto a hand
3D Printing on Imperfect, Moving Surfaces
Photo of cylinders
Plastic Neutron Scintillator Crystals to Replace Expensive, Scarce Materials
Diagram of creating high-strength composites
Additive Manufacturing of High-Strength Composites
Close-up images of carbon nanotubes
Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensing Composites
Photo of non-destructive evaluation tool
Novel Non-destructive Evaluation
Photo of researchers examining wood pieces
Wood Stronger Than Titanium
Diagram of nanospikes
Physical Catalysts Offer Pathway to Efficient Ammonia Production
Diagram of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
Metal Matrix Nanocomposite Process Innovations
Close-up images of Continuous Nanostructures
Continuous, Environmentally Friendly, Cost-effective Cathode Production
Chart showing effectiveness of solid lubricant
Solid Lubricants for Extreme Conditions
Graph showing improvement in Tim-of-flight Measurements
1,000-fold Improvement on the Resolution of Time-of-flight Measurements
Coin cell supercapacitor
Making Improved and Inexpensive Electrodes for Supercapacitors
Diagram of red-colored nanospheres and nanowires
Scalable and Cost-effective Manufacturing of Thin Film Devices
Close up image of microneedles
A New, Inexpensive Way to Fabricate Microneedles
Diagram of tubular reactor used in the new manufacturing process
Boosting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Efficiency with ‘Green’ Catalysis
Photo of two drill bits on a dark blue background, one has a white coating on the bottom half
Bromide-based Aluminum Electroplating for Better Corrosion Protection
Magnetic Powered Refrigeration
Diagram of adhesive
Reversible Adhesives for Structural Multi-material Joining
Diagram of the polymer-metal nanocomposite fabrication method
Scalable and Inexpensive Production of Polymer-Metal Nanocomposite by Thermal Drawing
Graph of annealed metal cutting process
Improved Metal Machinability
Image of an authenticity tag with overlayed numbering scheme
Fighting Against Product Counterfeiters With Authenticity Tags
Image of nanomaterial and diagram of aerosol printing
Highly Versatile Printed Electronics Using Nanomaterial Inks
Black & white diagram of the carbon dioxide to ethanol conversion process
High Yield Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Ethanol
Image of a thin, lightweight, high-resolution mirror
Silicon-based X-ray Optics: Thin and Lightweight
Series of photographs that start out blurry, and then get clear
Thermally Responsive Nanoparticles for Energy Savings
Image of 3 columns of spraying material
Enabling Low-Cost Production of Nanopowder Thin Films
Manufacturing Affordable Hydrogen For All
Enabling Faster and Stronger Fiberglass Repair
Heat-free Soldering
Advanced Silicon Nanotextures Improve Photovoltaics, Biosensors, & Batteries
Figure of slippery surface demonstration
Bioinspired Super Slippery Surfaces
Diagram of sequestration and catalytic conversion process
Controlled Carbon Nanotube Production in Large Quantities
Diagram of microfabrication
Scalable, Single Step Fabrication of 2D Semiconductors on CMOS
Image of deformed item and heat maps of strain
High Performance Tools for Measuring Strain Fields in Deforming Components
Close-up image of shape memory alloy
Additive Manufacturing for Complex Alloys and Microstructures
Diagram of Graphene and Silver bonds
High-strength Conductors Enabled by Covetic Materials
Material soaking in solution in 3 stacked containers
Biofabricating Leather
Rivet Weld Technology diagram
Joining Dissimilar Materials
Used nanofibers in potassium battery research
Potassium Batteries
Diagram of MT3O
Multi-component, multi-material, multi-process topology optimization (M3TO)
Diagram of waterjet-guided laser
Curved Waterjet-Guided Laser Material Processing
Image of Peening Process
Achieving Ultra-Low Friction Without Oil Additives
Diagram demonstrating sheet metal being shaved off of a large roll
Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Sheet Metal
Image of two types of reinforced concrete showing cracks
Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)
Bio-Integrated Stretchable Electronics
Printed Glass Optics
Diagram of Lamina Emergent Mechanisms
Lamina Emergent Mechanisms (LEMs)
Image of diode lasers
Diode-based Additive Manufacturing
Image of soft magnetics
Dual Phase and Soft Magnetics in Electric Machines
Image of a foil actuator
Vaporizing Foil Actuators (VFA)
Image of roll printed electronics
Roll-to-roll Electronics Using Pulsed Thermal Processing
Image describing self-assembling metamaterials
Self-assembly of Functional Materials
Image of atomically-thin circuitry
Atomically-thin Integrated Circuitry
Figure showing electrochemical additive manufacturing process
Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM)
Diagram of Dry li-ion Battery creation
Solvent-Free Manufacturing of Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
Diagram of Protein Lithography
Protein Lithography
Flexography Using Nanoporous Stamps
Flexography Using Nanoporous Stamps
Through the Tool Tracking
Enhanced Tracking and Control for Friction Stir Welding
Microwave-initiated Ultrafast Nanomanufacturing
Microwave-initiated Ultrafast Nanomanufacturing
Manufacturing Functional and Transparent Coatings
Manufacturing Functional and Transparent Coatings
Nanorobotics Platform for Nanomanufacturing
Nanorobotics Platform for Nanomanufacturing
Optical-tweezers-based Additive Fabrication
Image of a 3D printer working on an item
Bioprinted Tissues
Computer rendering of cold sintering process
Cold Sintering Process (CSP)
Diagrams of the nanoporous stamps process
2D Crystal Consortium – Materials Innovation Platform (2DCC-MIP)


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