UPDATE: Thanks to all the individuals and organizations that made a submission to the “Making to Manufacturing” competition! MForesight received many entries that described a wide range of manufacturing technologies and approaches. After judging all entries according to the criteria listed in the competition rules, it was determined that none of the submissions successfully met all the criteria required to receive an award.

This competition has energized MForesight’s thinking about low-volume manufacturing technologies, and we are encouraged by all the ideas received. Please stay tuned for more information from MForesight about related initiatives to support additional development in the area of low-volume manufacturing.

Making to Manufacturing

A Competition Seeking Innovative Approaches to Cost-effective, Low-volume Manufacturing

In recent years, the types of products that an individual or small team can design and prototype have markedly increased. Led by the availability of desktop 3D printers, enhanced software tools, community machine shops, online tutorials, and low cost electronic components, makers can now quickly make customized parts with high precision.

What’s Next?

The MForesight Competition is soliciting new manufacturing technologies and approaches that will increase the variety and value of items designed and manufactured cost-effectively in the United States with 3-5 years of additional development. Ultimately, these innovations will support a “Democratization of Manufacturing,” enabling small teams and businesses to manufacture products in low-volumes economically. By removing costly barriers-to-entry such as specialized knowledge and high-volume requirements, a wide range of innovators, entrepreneurs, and small/medium-sized business can be competitive with low labor-cost producers.

The MForesight Making to Manufacturing Competition is seeking innovations in hardware, software, collaborative systems and educational tools. All submissions should highlight novel, high impact ideas and are expected to range from emerging technical solutions to new business practices.

For questions and additional information about the Making to Manufacturing Competition, contact us at competition@mforesight.org

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